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Tag: Lilith

Seeking Emerging Writers Over 40!

The writing world is full of prizes for young writers, and “30 under 30” lists abound in every field. Doesn’t it seem a little unfair? We at Lilith think it’s never too late to nurture talent. In fact, we have a history and tradition of celebrating writers at all ages and stages of life. So… Read more »

Embodying Eve

This origin story of Adam & Eve has been used to punish, to instill regret, to sever us from one another. What if it’s also our salvation?

The Pain of Singing Carlebach

Wrestling with the legacy of signing melodies by Shlomo Carlebach— prolific and influential song leader, and also a known abuser.

Facing History at the Angel Island Immigration Station

My great-grandfather was detained at Angel Island. Immigrants carved tens of thousands of poems into every square inch of the barrack walls, describing their anguish of captivity and longing for home. 

Today I Will Eat Ashes

Connection destroyed at the expense of productivity, culture at the expense of assimilation.