Lilith Salons

Lilith magazine has revitalized the salon—an intimate gathering of subscribers to encounter new ideas, connect with old friends, and talk about the questions and issues that matter deeply to you. You provide the space and people and Lilith will provide the conversation in the form of discussion questions for each new issue of the magazine. The special joy of these salons is conversation: lively talk with interesting people. 

In this moment, we need independent, intimate, and intergenerational conversation more than ever before, where we can show up simply as we are,  in all of our contradictions and complexities.

At a Lilith salon you can–and we hope you will.…

  • Connect and converse with Jewish feminists like—and unlike—yourself
  • Be reminded that the personal is political, and that everyone has a story
  • Listen–and share–with curiosity and compassion
  • Show up, unapologetically, as yourself!
  • Draw in new Lilith readers

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s it like?

Lilith salons usually meet in person or virtually every three months or so–in sync with each new issue of Lilith’s quarterly print magazine. Lilith magazine articles are the conversation-starter, but the discussion goes wherever you choose to take it (as long as it’s kind). These salon conversations are more free-flowing than a book group (plus fewer pages to read!), more feminist than your typical Shabbat dinner, and more participatory than a lecture—usually with some refreshments to add to the ambience. And if you haven’t read the article(s) under discussion in advance, no worries–come anyway! Someone can read aloud one  paragraph from each piece to remind everyone.

The goal of a Lilith salon is conversation, connection, and seeing where the talk will take you!

We recommend scheduling your salons for no more than 90 minutes. But invigorating conversation has no strict timeline!  Read more about salons in The Power of Jewish Women’s Conversations.

How do I join a salon?

Every Lilith subscriber is invited to participate—or start their own. Click here to find out if there is a salon in your area. If there’s not one, we’re here to help you organize a local salon!

How do I start a salon? 

All you need is at least one interesting person (besides yourself!), a place to meet, and a subscription to Lilith.

With every new issue of Lilith magazine, we’ll send you guiding questions about key articles to spark conversation. Check out our Salon Toolkit with more information on how to start your own salon, including sample agendas and outreach materials. 

Can organizations host salons? 

Yes! Synagogues, JCCs, Hillels, social justice organizations, and all sorts of organized Jewish communities are a wonderful place to start a salon and foster frank feminist conversation and meaningful connection. 

There is no charge to salon attendees, but it is expected that each will subscribe to Lilith and receive the print and digital magazine in advance. Whenever possible, we encourage organizations to consider buying or subsidizing subscriptions for the first year. Email Arielle ( about setting up group subscriptions. And of course, we hope you’ll enjoy the salons and Lilith’s unique content so much that you’ll want to join Lilith’s circle of supporters. 

If you’re interested in bringing in Lilith to lead a sample salon about one of our classic salon topics (hair, money, clothes, dolls, and belonging), fill out this form

I still have more questions!

Email Rebecca ( to set up a 30 min zoom meeting to discuss salons further.