Spring 2024

Disability and Judaism

Disability and Judaism in the spotlight, toxic workplaces, controversial books...

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Lilith Feature

Disability and Judaism Today

Lilith takes a deep look into disability and Judaism today, with more stories and ideas to come in 2024 and 2025.

Lilith Feature

When Jewish Workplaces are Toxic

It’s not news that women and other marginalized people can experience abuse of various forms at work. While pop culture and the #MeToo movement have focused largely on the corporate... Read more »

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As a Burning Flame: The 1930s Dream of Rabbi Regina Jones


In graphic from, the powerful life of Regina Jonas, known as the first ordained female rabbi in Ashkenazi Jewish History.

Further Reading: Disability Writing Through a Jewish Feminist Lens


From accessible city-building to inclusive community-building for kids, here are a few of Lilith’s book picks that feature disability writing through a Jewish feminist lens.

All the Rage


What the “Mom Rage” Concept Encompasses, and What it Can’t

Our Embryos Weren’t Children


Our doctor’s voice shifted, a tone suggesting not to buy a lottery ticket that day.

Fiction: The Houseguest


We’re getting a houseguest, I tell my husband in bed. He turns off the TV, switches the light. You could have asked. Act first, apologize later, I say, quoting his... Read more »

… and Toxic Workplaces Are Jewish


and young Jewish feminists may leave, disillusioned.

The Negroni Sbagliato 


One woman's workaround.

Poem: “She Is”


My grandmother is a limestone temple;  she is a titanium rod, she is an iron lung.

Salvation: Thrifting as Solace


Why, in a time of acute distress, the discount racks of the Salvation Army offer comfort and control.

Talking Harm and Repair with Guila Benchimol


If you’ve worked at all on issues of power, gender and abuse in the Jewish world you likely know the work of Guila Benchimol, Ph.D. Benchimol—a consultant, researcher, educator and... Read more »

The Rest of My Life:  Long Covid’s Poignant Reminders


When I fell sick, there was not enough caretaking to go around. What I know now, four years later, is that rest, the ability to fully give into the demands of one’s body, is vital to recovery. 

When the Accessibility Barrier Is the Law Itself 


When Batya Sperling-Milner, who is blind, told her mother that she wanted to chant Torah at her bat mitzvah, her mom, Rabbanit Aliza Sperling, got worried. The potential barrier to... Read more »

How to Build an Accessible Synagogue


In recent years, as synagogues have been adapting Judaism’s male-dominated, heteronormative traditions to include women and queer people, many have been also working to include people with disabilities. This work-in-progress begins—but doesn’t end—with ensuring that everyone who wants to go to synagogue can actually get into the building.

Sophie’s Bag Mitzvah


Each year Sophie celebrates the anniversary of her ileostomy surgery, or rather her ‘bag-iversary.’

More Disability Resources in the Jewish World


a few of our favorite resources and a reading list.

Shabbat and the Radical Practice of Rest 


…This lie that work is all we are? This is what Shabbos comes to shatter. 

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