Fall 2022

Secrets and revelations...

Secrets, lies and revelations—featuring Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Kitty Zeldis, Bonnie Friedman, Julia Silverberg Németh, Arielle Silver-Willner, Karen S. Bloom, Alicia Jo Rabins, Josh Lambert, and more…

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Lilith Feature

Fiction: Go, for Yourself (Love in the Time of Brexit)

Deborah Zafer

I PARK MY CAR as close to Dr. Rex’s door as possible, aware that if any congregants were to see me going in or coming out it might disturb them. Why, they might ask themselves, does Rabbi Amy, who speaks to us with such certainty, need a therapist? Dr. Rex sits on the sofa, leaving the... Read more »

Lilith Feature

Fiction: On the Way to the Funeral

Debbie Danielpour

Second Prize in Lilith’s 2022 Fiction Contest.

Lilith Feature

Freedom from Want

Karen Bloom

Norman Rockwell’s Thanksgiving-themed painting is what we hope to replicate. When Cindy and I look at this picture, we see what family should be...

Lilith Feature

The Secrets My Family Photographs Hid in Plain Sight

Letty Cottin Pogrebin

Letty Cottin Pogrebin on the shame that was covered up with White-Out and black ink.

Lilith Feature

What My Mother’s Ashes Revealed

Julia Silverberg Németh

Something was different about this family. Death, and intuition, gave clues.

Lilith Feature

Fiction: Philology

Rachel Howe

First Prize in Lilith’s 2022 Fiction Contest.

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Democratizing Pleasure in the Frum Bedroom


Sex that's kosher and egalitarian.

The Clothes That Made the Woman


When she thrifted one woman's entire wardrobe.

The Blue Thumbprint


The medical misogyny my mother faced (and kept secret for years.)

Poem: Original Girl


She was the only woman in the world with no mother. When the serpent undulated, shimmering, she tried it.

Poem: Yael, Imagined


The fragmentary, slippery form and language suggest a Yael who is sexually voracious as well as violent.

“Why I Didn’t Say No”


Elissa Bassist: “Intercourse” and “masturbation” were difficult words to verbalize, much less do to (on?) myself.

How A Novel Slyly Suggests the Truth about Women in Publishing


The Best of Everything’s representation of the imposition of marriage and male control on women’s professional trajectories reflects not only the book’s historical moment but also the way Jaffe’s novel came to be written and published.

Rachel, Jacob and Leah Can Teach Us How to Live. Really.


Those beautiful, dysfunctional ancestors, fumbling their way through relationships and spirituality, learning as they go.

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