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When Rabbis Abuse: A Q&A With Elana Sztokman

"For so many of us, feminism is about our physical experiences. We are engaged in this work out of a response to something that happened to us viscerally."

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A Blessing for Kislev – the Coming of the Light

When the cunning wind of Kislev sneaks under your door,  wrap yourself in trust. Watch the early waning moon descend. Retreat into the blackness.   There is nothing else you can do. Nothing else you can do. Now, in the womb of the cosmos, restless, waiting, deep into the ninth month, you dream of the birth… Read more »

The British Aristocrats Who Admired the Nazis

Hitler’s Girl is a groundbreaking history that reveals how, in the 1930s, authoritarianism nearly took hold in Great Britain as it did in Italy and Germany.

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