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Diane Mehta’s Miniaturist Poetry

Mehta’s poems are miniaturist examinations of art, aging, literature, grief, parenting, the sublime, labor, and faith.

Poetry: History

A Yiddish-inflected expression of pride with rich wisdom and “humor to spare.”

Poetry: Eighteen Ways of Looking at Property

A sharply composed collage-poem that provokes us to perceive connections, to recognize the reality of multiple convictions in our troubled time, and to ask ourselves: What now? What then?

Poetry: Know Your Place

Impossible requirements for assimilation then turn into rasping hate-speech that evolves into sneer, into threat.

Poetry: Sarah Asleep

The latest midrash with a woman-centered version of the story of “the binding of Isaac.”

Poetry: Eden Is an Archetype

In Honor of National Poetry Month, Lilith will be sharing original work by Jewish feminist poets throughout the first week in April. We begin in the Garden of Eden…

Fiction: “Worms”

Spider crawls across the rim of pot. I flick it into the rain pounding down. Search the flowerbeds for squirming bodies, run my fingers gently through wet earth waiting for their silky touch.