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Bring Them Home

We are three weeks into the most threatening time I have lived through as a Jew.

Amazon Is Sold out of Sackcloth.

I am sitting shmira – / Guarding the memories of the dead / until they are returned / to their families embrace.

Let’s Build a Room for Hope

A sermon excerpt from Rabbi Miriam Grossman: Today I need to keep my humanity. And today I need to keep going even without hope. Because hope will come one day.

I Am Russian… In Name Only

I am not Russian, but I speak Russian. It’s a kind of nonconsensual tattoo Stalin left behind on my parents—better tattooed than dead.

In Wartime, a Surreal Modesty Contest

As conflict rages in Israel and Gaza, a group of women in Crown Heights has decided that covering up young girls’ bodies is the only solution.