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Bring Them Home

We are three weeks into the most threatening time I have lived through as a Jew.

Lilith in the Sukkah

Following services, join Lilith and Sutton Place Synagogue for a lively conversation about belonging in SPS’s beautiful rooftop sukkah.

In Conversation: Susan Weidman Schneider & Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt

What happens when you put women at the center of every story – as Lilith magazine has been doing for more than 45 years? Join Susan Weidman Schneider, Editor in Chief of Lilith magazine, and Adas Israel’s Rabbi Lauren Holtzblatt in conversation.

Women Who Lead, Influence and Inspire

Lilith’s editor-in-chief, Susan Weidman Schneider, is the keynote speaker at the 107th Annual Convention of The Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland.

Women Who Lead, Influence and Inspire

Lilith’s editor in chief, Susan Weidman Schneider, will be the keynote speaker at The Federation of Jewish Women’s Organizations of Maryland’s 107th Annual Convention.

Counting the Omer Through Poetry

Perhaps counting the Omer, the days between Pesach and Shavuot, can become a time when the counting provides another kind of embodied pacing.

A Journalistic Room Of One’s Own

In a feat of journalistic longevity, Lilith: The Jewish Women’s Magazine, has been around for 35 years now. Along the way, the quarterly has sought to merge the wider women’s movement with the world of Jewish feminism. On the occasion of its 35 anniversary, The Jewish Week asked Lilith founding editor Susan Weidman Schneider to reflect on the issues that have animated the magazine’s coverage.

PAULA HYMAN (1946-2011) At the Center of Change

Paula Hyman was at the forefront of the religious and intellectual struggles that generated these changes. Her influence extended both into the academy and far beyond it, affecting the lives of Jewish females in schools and congregations in ways of which many are still unaware.