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What Tahara Can Teach Us

During a Tahara, the Jewish ritual for sanctifying a body after death, we wash the body in a continuous stream of water, we engage in spacious silence, and we recite words which affirm the inherent goodness of every soul, every life an entire world.

Amazon Is Sold out of Sackcloth.

I am sitting shmira – / Guarding the memories of the dead / until they are returned / to their families embrace.

A Guide to Navigating Grief…

“All that I have learned from my 15 years of living with very personal, profound loss as a person who was 30 years old when faced with that loss—and trying to figure out how to live a life.”

What Magic Is Ours?

You can’t make a voodoo doll, I repeat. It isn’t our magic to use. I think of the magic that should be ours to use, instead. The faith we should have in our mezuzot and our medicine. A magic based on belief in the good.

Today I Will Eat Ashes

Connection destroyed at the expense of productivity, culture at the expense of assimilation.