Poetry: Eden Is an Archetype

In Honor of National Poetry Month, Lilith will be sharing original work by Jewish feminist poets throughout the first week in April. Lilith remains committed to publishing poetry in every issue–and now we are excited to take this opportunity to share even more on the Lilith blog!

Today, we begin in the garden of Eden…

Eden is an archetype—
the Garden and the Tree,
the lure of rosy Apples,
the taste of knowledge sweet,

the Woman unsuspecting,
her bitterest consequence—
vilified and blamed by Man
despite her innocence!

Why not blame the Serpent
who tempted and deceived?
Why not point the finger at
the Dad who made them leave?

What kind of loving Father
until Eternity
punishes his children
for Curiosity?

Who fashions perfect Paradise
—then takes it all away?
What manner of Omnipotence
would not foresee the day

when His own spitting image
would seek to understand
the purpose of Awakening
upon that blessed land,

and having hence been banished
longs for it evermore—
Eden is an archetype,
our Birthright to restore.

Poetry Editor Alicia Ostriker comments:

I enjoy this poem for its turning our founding story into a seemingly light-hearted version in which the irony is somewhat reminiscent of Emily Dickinson (who also had her doubts.)