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Savor Purim

This Purim, explore delicious Sephardic holiday traditions and food from Egypt and Rhodes through music, cooking demonstrations and lively conversations with Lilith magazine and Savor: A Sephardic Music & Food Experience.

A Modern Esther

For Jackie Zarine Mostny, the Persian Jewish Queen lineage from the time of Esther continues to live on– and evolve.

Digging Deeper into Esther’s Mysteries

The Book of Esther still speaks to us, even in the “safe” diaspora without ruling monarchs — because governments may shift, policies change and antisemitism reasserts itself. 

Esther in a New World

As part of his only recorded direct speech in the book of Esther, Mordechai exhorts his orphaned cousin Esther to appeal to King Ahaseurus, suggesting that Queen Esther’s raison d’etre… Read more »