Author: Guest Contributor

What I Saw at the White House

For 259 days, these hostages have felt so horribly far away. Their distance at the root of our despair. And here I was, standing next to one of them! She was home! Alive! With her mother!

A Kaddish in Havana

I think of her not just as the source of my wallets and maracas, but as a hero of the revolution, someone who stayed when so many of her peers left.

Elegy for a Mentor

I took the job, marveling that my mentor could pay someone to research his whims, too obtuse to appreciate that he was buying me writing time on his own dime.


Miriam sets her alarm at 8.30 a.m. every morning even though she is dying. 

Honoring Queen Esther’s Secret Self

This year, with some unlikely help from Greta Gerwig’s film Barbie, I finally have the words to explain why honoring Queen Esther with the name Hadassah is so important to me.