Author: Yona Zeldis McDonough

Food for Thought: A New Anthology Digs In

“When I eat a knish, when I drink a chocolate egg cream, when I butter a board of matzoh, I feel connected to my heritage and generations of my family.”

Daughters of the Occupation

“Silence has underscored my life, with my grandmother hiding her Russian Jewish past from her daughters and, in turn, my mother hiding it from me until I was eighteen years old.”

Maggie Anton’s New Novel of the Talmud

Author Maggie Anton—who wrote the acclaimed trilogy Rashi’s Daughters—talks about how her new novel, “The Choice,” both exposes and dismantles gender inequities.

The Corset Maker: A Novel Meets Family History

” I created a composite character who’d have to face similar challenges as my mother and then I watched her—Rifka Berg—grow and respond. I gave Rifka my mother’s heart and soul.”

Puppy Love

It took more than a year of life with a dog for me to understand that I wasn’t simply looking at a creature who preferred me to all others on earth.  I was in fact looking in a mirror.

This Will Be Funny Later: Jenny Pentland on Fame’s Glare

You might not know who Jenny Pentland is, but if you read her new book, This Will Be Funny Later (Harper, $27.99), you’ll want to; the hilarious memoir, by turns scorching and poignant, reveals what’s like to have one of America’s funniest comedians—Roseanne Barr—for a mother.