Author: Yona Zeldis McDonough

Diane Mehta’s Miniaturist Poetry

Mehta’s poems are miniaturist examinations of art, aging, literature, grief, parenting, the sublime, labor, and faith.

A Bess Myerson Novel

Author Linda Kass talks to fiction editor Yona Zeldis McDonough about why Myerson is a truly heroine for our times. 

“Framing a Life”

“The building of the house became a metaphor for my journey and search for wholeness. It was the physical manifestation of finding soul, my essence, and being able to share with others.”

The Jewish Queen of Makeup

Renée Rosen talks to Lilith about the ways in which she adhered to the facts—and the important reasons why she didn’t in her novel about the life of Estée Lauder.

Talking With Yael Goldstein-Love

A new mother dives headlong into a parallel world to find her missing son in Yael Goldstein Love’s new novel, “The Possibilities.”

Jennifer Rosner on the Price of Being Saved

Sometimes the price of being saved is much higher than we could ever expect or know—and Jewish children hidden during the Holocaust found that out the hard way.