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God Save the Queen and Hatikvah

It was God Save the Queen that made me giggle. It was Hatikvah that made me glow. But actually, in those few moments between the two national anthems, sung by thousands of Jews at the conclusion of the rally for peace in London’s Trafalgar Square, I realized the magic and the madness of Anglo-Jewry. Older… Read more »

When I Grow Up

I was a Russian Language and Literature Major in college. When I look back at the arc of my life, it makes sense, but at the time, it felt random, different, and, therefore, cool. It had more of an effect on me than I anticipated; I started spending all of my breaks – long winters… Read more »


If there’s one thing Americans can now do, a particular skill that the vast majority of this large nation has learned, it’s that it is possible to hate a war without hating the country that, while provoked, is responsible for the violence. It is possible to understand how the war begins and hate the war.… Read more »

The View From Under The Bus

Let me start by saying happy Hanukkah, everyone, and I hope whatever other holidays you celebrate are also full of joy and peace. While we turn off the world for a few days to celebrate, though, interesting and frequently disquieting political stuff continues to go down all over the place. And frankly, I’m not fond… Read more »

What You Won't See

I was really touched by Anna’s most recent post on missing women, and also stumped about the theme of my post this week. So here is your shamelessly-ripped-off roundup on what you might find missing in the political universe around you. Medical Care. Remember that guy, we used to all talk about him a lot,… Read more »


While in China this summer, I read as much as I could about the country’s “orphan problem.” I particularly loved The Lost Daughters of China, written by Karin Evans, an American adoptive mom of a Chinese baby girl. Evans’ book overflows with perspectives personal, academic, and literary. She talks about how the complete unprecedented-ness of… Read more »

You're Invited to View My Photos!!!

I’m invited to view your photos!!! But maybe, just maybe, I couldn’t care less? Your swaddled new infant, in pink cap or blue cap In mom’s arms, then dad’s arms, then still, fast asleep. I’ve seen it before, far too many times over First smile! First bottle! First eyes open wide— Well I can’t be… Read more »

Madame Secretary!

Google’s newish ‘suggested search’ function can be irritating, but it also gives you a feel for what’s on the mind of The Public. Like when you search “Hillary Clinton secretary of state” and see that nearly a million and a half other folks have done the same, you get that nice cozy feeling of being… Read more »

Entry #6: On Gratitude

Needless to say, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. The fall months have swirled up and overhead, dried leaves rushing away from me, ungraspable. These months have been a whirlwind of academic rigor in my doctorate program, while the real conquest has been unspoken for. These months my mother has slipped quietly into… Read more »

Marital Blues

The whole “same-sex marriage” thing has been on my mind a lot since the election, mostly because that’s where we lost. The succor of those magic words, “President-elect Obama,” has been a balm for me, but, to mangle a metaphor or two, the bloom is about to be off the rose and people still can’t… Read more »

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