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My Writing Roots in Porn Lit

I pored over the want ads in the Village Voice. Telemarketer? Nurse’s aide? Nothing clicked until I read this one:


A Conversation with Alix Kates Shulman

Alix Kates Shulman has been a passionate feminist voice for over 40 years, bringing to light questions of marital parity and other front-line issues of women's rights in her memoirs and other nonfiction.

Spinoza and Cherry Ames

I could not believe my eyes. Cherry Ames, the quintessential Midwestern Gentile, was learning Hebrew from a New York deli owner.

Peach Fuzz Lishma (for its own sake):(“Peaching, Not Preaching”)

It’s a new way of living – but fortunately, as a Jew, I know a term for it – “lishma”. We are urged to study the Torah, for example, “lishma”, for its own sake, but not because we will derive some advantage – economic, professional, psychological – from doing so, but simply “for its own sake”.

A Call for Civility for ALL Israeli Citizens

This is not a new phenomenon. What is new is that now, finally, the secular population is realizing that such incidents are not only about what “they” do in their own communities, but rather a symptom of the political system that has allowed religion to become part and parcel of civil government and civil society.

Riding the Buses in Jerusalem

Cross-posted with The NCJW Insider. I am writing from Jerusalem where I am on a study tour with 23 women from the National Council of Jewish Women. We are here… Read more »