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“Zhid”-The Lilith Fiction Podcast Series

The next installment of the Lilith Fiction Podcast series is here! In “Zhid,” rose-petal jam and stolen furs lure a young immigrant mother in 1940s America. The story, which first ran in the Spring 2002 issue of Lilith, is read by its author, writer and Lilith fiction editor Yona Zeldis McDonough. [display_podcast] Plus, don’t forget:… Read more »

'Tis the Season

My doctor goes into a shockingly racist rant about the government’s being incapable of managing health care as proved by H1N1 vaccine just going to “pickaninnies in the ghetto.” A truck turning into Broadway completely crushes the passenger side of a car stopped at a light. The driver leans on his horn. My fellow tenants… Read more »

Chanukkah in the Diaspora

Every year, I look forward to my Channukah care package, when my mom and sister round up Channukah treats, toys, and decorations and send them to me. Here in Pocatello, Idaho, Channukah has to be imported in, or it basically doesn’t exist. Over the years, I’ve found the few local retailers who carry the precious… Read more »

Responding to Absurdity

In the aftermath of Nofrat Frenkel’s arrest at the Western Wall (her crime? wearing a tallit), Lilith has heard from a lot from all of you, asking what you can do. So when this letter from Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson (of the Women’s Rabbinic Network) arrived, it was clear it needed to be passed on.… Read more »

"Malka in the Promised Land"-The Lilith Fiction Podcast Series

The next installment of the Lilith Fiction Podcast series is here! In “Malka in the Promised Land,” a young yeshiva girl breaks loose. The story, which first ran in the Winter 2002 issue of Lilith, was written by (now Rabbi) Danya Ruttenberg. “Malka in the Promised Land,” is read by Meredith Steinberg. [display_podcast] Plus, don’t… Read more »

Introducing Jewdaho

Within two hours of telling my parents that I was moving to Pocatello, Idaho, my dad found the local synagogue on-line and contacted the religious leader on my behalf. There would be no escape. Not that I wanted an escape from Judaism; no. I am of good immigrant Jewish stock; I had a Bat Mitzvah,… Read more »

Feminist Family Values

In our current state of economic crisis and rampant anxiety about how women’s issues are faring (not well) in the debates over health care, it seems to us useful to look again at what to expect in a feminist-friendly universe. Some of the optimism in this piece, which first appeared in Summer 2008 now sounds,… Read more »

"Pri Chadash"–The Lilith Fiction Podcast Series

The next installment of the Lilith Fiction Podcast series is here! In “Pri Chadash,” a young woman marks a year through food. The story, which first ran in the Summer 2007 issue of Lilith, was written by Darya Mattes. “Pri Chadash” is read by Melanie Weiss. [display_podcast] Plus, don’t forget: the Lilith podcasts are available… Read more »

Am Israel (Cross-Post)

This post is cross-posted from the Israel Religious Action Center blog. By Beth (Elisheva Hannah) Frank-Backman Several years ago when I used to join WOW for Rosh Hodesh prayers, my fellow liberal Jews used to ask me, but “why pray at the wall? I don’t see the point of praying there. Let them have their… Read more »

House of Straw

While spending time at my parent’s house with my daughters recently, I reacquainted myself with some of my favorite childhood books. My parents have a stash that weren’t subject to today’s politically correct sensors. My older daughter delighted in Maurice Sendak’s The Night Kitchen, which tells the story of a little boy who has a… Read more »

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