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The Lilith fiction podcast launches!

Welcome to Lilith’s first fiction podcast! This is the first in a series of four, which you’ll be able to download weekly here on the Lilith blog, and soon in the iTunes store! You can play this podcast on the blog, download it to your desktop and play it there, or put it on your… Read more »


Today I bought a new bike. The used one I’ve been riding ever since I moved to the Bay Area was so heavy that I could hardly lift it up the five steep stairs required to mount the train, which I take to commute to work. I got tired of watching other commuters lift their… Read more »

The Joyless “Wedding Song”

Tunis 1942. Allied planes rain down bombs on the ancient streets of Tunis. Jackbooted Nazi soldiers march through the labyrinth alleys. But the images that stick are the excruciatingly lengthy close-ups of the pubic hair being wrenched off the Jewish teenager for her “Oriental”-style wedding and the shorn vagina ready for delivery to a man… Read more »


Michelle Obama is hula-hooping for health on the South Lawn of the White House. Jamie Oliver’s going to teach obese America how to cook their vegetables, and eat them too. Herbivores, frugivores, and locavores are putting their stakes in the ground, amidst the moist dirt of organically grown slow food. Meanwhile, my 20-month-old daughter went… Read more »

The Heretics – What’s Not to Like?

What’s not to like about a film called “The Heretics” from No More Nice Girl Productions. A film where the filmmaker, Joan Braderman, over B&W footage from her radical past, explains, “I considered myself an anarcho pagan post-situationist democratic socialist feminist. But as a woman who was I really supposed to be?” Oh, the good… Read more »

Get More Lilith!

To bring you more Lilith online, Lilith’s website needs your support now. The nonprofit Lilith magazine brings you dispatches from the front lines of Jewish feminism, like the “Jewish hair” issue, JAP-baiting on campus, how Jewish women handle money, life stories of transgender Jews, teen sex at bar & bat mitzvah parties, the stained-glass ceiling… Read more »

Get More Lilith Thermometer & Badge

Please spread the word about our campaign by putting a thermometer or badge on your site! Thermometer The best way to spread the word about our campaign, this thermometer will update with the current total automatically. Copy & Paste the following embed code: Badge Alternatively, post a badge to show your support. Copy & Paste… Read more »

Chicken Soup

My foray into vegetarianism began in 8th grade, and, if I correctly recall, had something to do with a dead squirrel. It was a year of rebellion for me: I got kicked out of class for the first time; cut class for the first time; and even joined an illicit “pizza group,” composed of me… Read more »

Back To School

Ah – crisp September – You are most welcome here! O Chill in the Air, Dear Crunch of the Apple, Ye Shavings of Sharpened Pencils. This time of year has taken on precious new meaning for me in motherhood: it marks the return of blessed routine. This year, our eldest daughter started Pre-K, a joyous… Read more »

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