JFSJ's Call for Radical Empathy

KraussTongues are wagging, per usual, about how this election season is unlike any we’ve seen before. And without having yet seen an October surprise, many of us are standing by for the next big thing. In the meantime, Jewish Funds for Justice is proud to have teamed up with Rabbi Sharon Brous of IKAR for something truly new, and creative, and inspiring, an antidote to the fear-mongering so prevalent these days. It’s a call for empathy. Radical empathy at that.

KraussIntroducing Jewish Funds for Justice’s new video, “Al Tirah! Fear Not!,” featuring Rabbi Brous, one of only three women included in Newsweek’s 2010 list of “Fifty Most Influential Rabbis in America”— and starring two irresistible monsters, fear and empathy.

Learn more about JFSJ’s new campaign to combat fear and inspire engagement in the upcoming election. You can visit the Fear and Empathy monsters on Facebook, where they’re facing off! (You can even friend them!) And don’t miss this article.

-Erica Brody
Associate Director of Communications
Jewish Funds for Justice