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To Whom Does a Child Belong?

In not so distant American history, Native American children were taken from their communities in such numbers that leaders feared for the future of their community and their children. 

Are Adoptive Families Culturally Persecuted?

On Friday I attended a daylong symposium about adoption. The keynote speaker was Dr. Debora Spar, President of Barnard College. The topic of her address was “Adoption and its Critics.”

A.M. New York: Highlights for Lilith Readers

I happened on this free city rag on the subway this morning and was impressed by all the items I thought might be of interest to my fellow Lilith fans and thought I’d share the wealth.

International Women’s Day, Iranian Women’s Rights

Iran is an important topic in Jewish news media, even more so recently, with speculation about its development of nuclear capabilities and discussion of appropriate American and Israeli responses. But spending Purim morning thinking specifically about the status of women in Esther and Vashti’s ancient home seemed appropriate.

Modesty and Desire

Linzer rebukes the ultra-Orthodox for hyper-sexualizing women and calling it “modesty” to police their dress and public presence. He cites Talmudic sources to correct the ultra-Orthodox understanding of Jewish law in this area.

Muslim and Jewish Marriage Contracts in American Courts

A recently published article, “How To Judge Shari'a Contracts: A Guide To Islamic Marriage Agreements In American Courts,” got me thinking about some of the parallels and common experiences between Jews and Muslims in interacting with secular American courts.

Gangs of Meah She’arim

Last week, a Meah She’arim gang that calls itself the Sikrikim assaulted a small group of Haredi girls, yelling and spitting at them for not being quite modestly dressed enough.… Read more »

Enough with stereotypes

The media coverage and commentary immediately following Sam Friedlander’s murder of his wife Amy and their two children included a disturbing level of victim-blaming: Michael Borg: “I have heard from… Read more »