Spring 2022

The Weight of the World...

Liana Finck recasts Eden • Motherhood as burden/transcendence • A ritual for moving

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Lilith Feature

After the Fall: (Re)Telling the Story of Reform Judaism

I knew this culture and its silencing all too well.

Lilith Feature

Being Chana

My conversion and my disability intersected in surprising ways.

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Poetry: New Prayer


This is a poem of deep, complex, controlled anger ... It is also—read carefully—a poem of deep love.

PORTRAITS OF POWER: Celebrating Fifty Years of Women in the Rabbinate


Illuminating the creativity, commitment, and vision of 24 women who were “firsts” in their time.

How to Visit


Showing up and knowing what to do are different things.

My Mother, the Imposter


You think you want to remember everything. But you’re wrong. You don’t.

In the Beginning…


The cartoonist’s highly original imagining of what really went on, gender-wise, in our Edenic Creation story. Prepare yourself for the original Lilith!

Suddenly, a Refugee


The only things I recognized were my turquoise dress and the sandals I had worn the day I went into hiding.

Undertorah: An Earth Based Kabbalah of Dreams


Dreams do not speak from stone tablets in a voice of authority. They whisper in fragmented images, like a mosaic. They show us facets, faces, shards of the real.

Moving: A Ritual


How to address the imminent transition of a woman in her 70’s, living on her own, choosing to move out of the permanence and stability of her own home, opting for change?

Mama Lives On


The story of Sydney Taylor, author of the beloved All-of-a-Kind-Family stories.

mother body erasure identity


"Striving to bring a voice to the sense of erasure that we experience on our bodies and identities in the name of love."

From the Editor: Unmute Yourself!


The pandemic’s persistent, complicated uncertainties and losses douse any confidence we might have had in planning ahead...And yet, despite these disorienting forces, I’ve felt grounded in some provocative conversations, in a good way.

Fiction: The Taste of Mango


Nadia noticed that Ellie added a page that had something to do with Russia to her bookmarks. Was this a sign of a new understanding between them? Now in Australia, a Russian Jew looks back both at the anti-Semitism that chased her from her natal land and the long-ago love for its soil that perfumes some of her naive, hope- soaked memories.

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