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A Quiet Revolution (Part 4 of “Sadie in Love”)

The street intersections were the hardest part. The women, tangled up with cars and buses and taxis and dogs, the police, directing everyone to slow down or hurry up or get out of the way, blowing, blowing their whistles, until somehow the marchers made it to the opposite side, regrouped, and moved on. For several blocks, a small clutch of boys, twelve, thirteen, fourteen years old, tagged alongside, shouting, “Go home,  do the dishes, your kids are calling you.”

The Dance King of Riga (Part 3 of “Sadie in Love”)

All this week, in the grand tradition of Victorian periodicals, Lilith will be serializing an excerpt of Sadie in Love, the debut novel from 96-year-old former magazine editor Rochelle Distelheim. Look out for new installments every day this week. Sadie in Love: Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4   She looked good – a pity Herschl wasn’t here… Read more »