Summer 2002

Jewish identity in Diaspora lives: women in Greece, India, Latin America and the United States. The Halakhic skinny on piercing and tattoos. Class and privilege in the Jewish world.

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Hyphenates Attract


Growing up with a hyphenated last name, his parents’ feminist principles are now his own. The dilemma is obvious: his girlfriend is also a hyphenate. A true story.



What I wantis to say Hineni:the thrce-in-one Hebrew word(our verbal trinity!)meaning “Here I am” or“I am here,”even “I-here-am.”The patriarchs’ answer to God’s question:“Where are you?”God must know where we areso... Read more »



And you will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea. — Micah 7:20 Let me toss these sin sandwichesinto the water, my wrongs ribbonedthrough the bread. Let them... Read more »

The Groom


A best friend’s adultery.

Is the Hope for Peace a Delusion?


In Jerusalem, a crackerjack journalist attempts to get one man—the Palestinian who tried to murder her father—to say he is sorry.

From Privilege to Poverty… What I Learned in the Move


I spend most of my work time on a campaign to increase public funding for after-school programs. These programs are necessary to young people’s academic success and personal development. So why doesn’t... Read more »

The Wedding Photographer’s Assistant


Wedding pictures are always the same…aren’t they?

Beyond Borscht and Babushkas


Rachel Kranson reports on Mexican Jewish brides-to-be and on immigrants to America from the former Soviet Union.

2 Girls, 2 Opposing Jewish Culture in Mexico


As the title would suggest, Guita Schyfter’s “Novia Que Te Vea” [A Bride to Be] is a film about women destined to become brides. But the primary focus of this movie’s... Read more »

Persecution & Belonging Memory & Identity


Paulette Kershenovich listens to newly voluble Latin American Jewish women.

Class and Caste: Jewish Women of India


Sarah Blustain is troubled by a chilling portrait of Baghdadi Jews in India.

Ellinides Evraies


Alice Sparberg Alexiou interviews the Jewish women of Salonika, Greece.

Belly-Button Bliss Pierced at 40!


One woman repossesses her body.

When My Kid Got a Tattoo


A Jewish mother finds herself reluctantly proud.

Jewish Women Modified: The Halachic Skinny on Piercing and Tattoos


What Jewish law says about body art.

A Nose Ring of Her Own


Our foremother Rebekah was given one at the well.

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