Fall 2006

How do women define what’s sacred? Lilith turns 30 and listens to 30-year-olds.  Honoring your best friend - a ritual Judaism forgot to create for us.    Be fruitful - but graduate!

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At 30…

We asked women born the year Lilith was launched to tell us what they worry about today

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“Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person”


Bat Mitzvahs, Birthmothers, Bombings


Meet five fresh novelists you'll love: Meg Rosoff, Dana Reinhardt, Brenda Ferber, Carolyn Mackler and Lisa Ann Sandell.

Learning French


I remember coming home late from school that April afternoon, deliberately dawdling, as my mother would put it, somehow knowing that whatever news awaited me wasn’t good. Walking down the block,... Read more »

How Do Women Define the Sacred?


A slew of insights into a different kind of holiness through the bold, idiosyncratic and deeply personal prayer shawls women are creating for themselves. Additional first person stories by Ilana Kurshan, Marcia Talmage Schneider, Rena Olshansky, Anna Kolodner and Marcia Goggin.

Kaddish Keeper


In which the author wonders how she ended up with all those candles on her stove.

50 Years and Counting


"Best Friends"—a ritual Judaism forgot to create for us.

Clashing Expectations


A professor exhorts her young religious students who are mothers to put themselves first, for once.

…redefining modesty


When I hear the word “feminist” I think of women my mother’s and grandmother’s age; I shy away from the word myself. I grew up at a time when Jewish... Read more »

…lesbian mom seeks spa


In my early twenties, I identified strongly as a Jewish feminist, and most of my interests and concerns were closely connected to that identity. Now, at 30, I am also... Read more »

…William-Wants-a-Doll grew up


Raised listening to “Free to Be You and Me,” my generation was taught to expect it all. We’d achieve career success and come home to husbands who were equal partners,... Read more »

…no top-tier offspring—yet


Several times in the past year, my 89-year-old grandmother has reminded me that a week before she turned 30, she gave birth to my father—an unbelievable milestone for this feisty... Read more »

…remedial Girly Studies


In her 30s, my mother was busy defining herself against her own lovely mother who seemed too passive, deferential, and self-sacrificing…and who wore nailpolish! My mother is a passionate feminist... Read more »

…leaving Mother Russia


Both my mother and I were born in the former Soviet Union, but I came to America when I was three. She had just turned 31. How did she spend... Read more »

…sexy and funny


Our culture encourages us to use the milestone of “turning 30” as a time to make changes if things seem to be going awry. I don’t think that sort of... Read more »

…becoming a pumpkin in Paris


I have read Simone de Beauvoir, I subscribe to Lilith, I believe women are fit for any professional role, and when I get married I will more than likely hyphenate... Read more »

…t-shirts tor the generations


“My mother,” one of my first t-shirts read, “is an otolaryngologist.” I was the only kid in my first grade class with that shirt. I was the only one with... Read more »

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