…no top-tier offspring—yet

Several times in the past year, my 89-year-old grandmother has reminded me that a week before she turned 30, she gave birth to my father—an unbelievable milestone for this feisty Holocaust survivor who lost her first family. It is now 59 years later, a week before I—the first grandchild, of genealogical importance second only to that of my father—turn 30. In a ballgown, in front of 500 renowned scientists, I am accepting a national award for my doctoral dissertation from the largest scientific society in the world. Still, there is something that colors the nachas that has stemmed from my breakthrough research accomplishments-it is the pressure to find a Jewish man, to settle down and have children. I have three degrees from top-tier institutions, publications in top-tier journals-but, alas, no top-tier offspring on the way. Don’t worry. Grandma-all in good time. 

Raquel L. Lieberman is a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School.