…lesbian mom seeks spa

In my early twenties, I identified strongly as a Jewish feminist, and most of my interests and concerns were closely connected to that identity. Now, at 30, I am also a rabbi, a mother, a lesbian, a life partner, and an ambitious professional. My busy life is rich and satisfying because I have tried to make choices that align with my values and my priorities. I have been blessed to find meaningful rabbinic work that allows me to have time to spend with my family. When I was younger, I was often frustrated because the world around me was not moving fast enough. Today I am happy but tired. In order to parent according to my values and to dedicate myself to my full-time work, I’ve mostly given up on other important tasks, like cleaning the house, serious political activism, getting regular exercise, and cooking fresh meals. I often fantasize about a few days by myself at a luxurious spa somewhere, a short escape. And yet, I have everything that my younger feminist self-dreamed of, and I am enormously grateful. 

Rabbi Amber Powers serves as the Dean of Admissions and Recruitment at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in the Philadelphia area.