From Our Readers

Thank you for your wonderful Summer 2006 issue of Lilith, and the most beautiful, life-affirming cover photograph. Thank you, Tamar [Prager, “Coming Out in the Orthodox World”], for poignantly sharing your difficult journey, from the day you fell in love with Arielle, to the extraordinary moment of your commitment ceremony, to the day your father spoke the words, “that began to change the hearts and minds of many that night.” He ended it perfectly, “We all have a right to live and love freely with our chosen companion.” Tamar and Arielle, you are so fortunate to have such understanding and love from your families and friends. Now we embrace you, and send our blessings; may you only know happiness and love from your life together.

In spite of the often frightening attacks on the LGBT community, at times, sadly, from within our Jewish community, Lilith has never wavered in support, and understanding of Jewish lesbians. Our voices are always heard in your pages. We are confident that your continuous support will benefit future generations, despite temporary setbacks, in our quest for equality.