Still Mad about Roe? Join Us.

With our bodies under attack—how can Jewish feminists respond?

The Supreme Court’s overthrowing Roe and throwing away abortion rights is part of an extraordinary year of backlash against decades of incremental feminist advances. On Wednesday, October 26, 8-9 pm ET | 7-8 pm CT | 5-6 pm PT, Lilith writers Steph Black, SooJi Min-Maranda, Justine Orlovsky-Schnitzler, and Dena Robinson will look at reproductive justice and our precious bodily autonomy from many different angles: political, personal, collective, and individual. We’ll conclude the evening with a reading from Frankly Feminist, Lilith’s groundbreaking Jewish feminist short story collection. 

Join Lilith to witness, reflect, and envision what comes next. 

“We can amplify stories of resistance to the anti-abortion movements. We can amplify stories about the Jewish commitment to collective liberation. We are at a painful moment. But if we can make it through it by listening to each others’ stories, we can make it to the other side of freedom.”

Dena Robinson

Read & amplify these stories from our writers 

Justine Orlovsky-Schnitzler on the miracle of birth—and holiness of abortion