The Best of Lilith

Time feels like it’s standing still, so why not revisit some gems from the Lilith archive? Whether you’re waiting on line for a Covid test or staying at home, enjoy the best of Lilith.

Ten Women Tell… The Ways We Are

  • In this 1976 feature, 10 Jewish women, differing in age, background and lifestyle, respond to the question—What choices and changes have you made to live life as a Jewish feminist?

Analyze THIS by Susan Schnur, 2013

  • Why do therapy and Jewish women seem to go together? Read these 10 unique stories about identity, trauma, and perseverance from Jewish feminist mental health professionals.

Failed Self-Abortion With a Wire Hanger”: A Letter from a Namesake to an Ancestor by Jamie Zabinsky, 2019

  • “Because of you, I know the perpetual urgency of safeguarding women’s autonomy. I hear the dire importance of maintaining control over my body in my own name.” Read one woman’s letter to her great-grandmother about family, feminism, and abortion.

How to Hide: Instructions from a Daughter of Survivors by Karen Propp, 1994

  • How can Jews balance hope and fear, pride and assimilation? A child of Holocaust survivors gives chilling instructions on how to hide, and a psychoanalyst responds.

Unetaneh Tokef for Black Lives by Imani Romney Rosa Chapman, 2020

  • Read this updated version of the Unetaneh Tokef—a prayer that inspires fear and awe during the High Holidays—revisited and remade to remember Black lives lost to police brutality.

Raising Kids as Jewish in a Mixed Marriage

  • In this 1983 feature, five Jews married to non-Jews tell how they’re raising children with strong Jewish identities.

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