Winter 2019-2020

DNA Secrets, Hidden Identities

DNA secrets, hidden identities •  Breast cancer and Jewish women • Tillie Olsen: feminist foremother • At her ritual haircut, she knew she was a girl • The first lady of lox

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Lilith Feature

Recreational DNA Testing & Its Uninvited Consequences

Lilith Feature

The Other Jewish Women’s Cancer

Lilith Feature

This Year, We Will Fight for Abortion.

Energetic activists and worriers tell you their plans. Plus…Rebecca Sive’s clues for educating voters how to “Make America Smart Again.”

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A Change, Inked: Dani Shapiro Reckons With a DNA Discovery


“Last spring I found out that my father was not my biological father,” I told him, keeping the story as brief as possible.

I Knew I Was a Girl


“LOOK WHO IS HERE!” Zeide Stein exclaimed as I walked into the sukkah one afternoon. “It’s the upshern yingel!” It’s the boy who is about to get a haircut. In... Read more »

Mildred at 100


Meet a woman whose visionary philanthropy and signature humor have helped bring you social-change films, iconoclastic art, and Lilith magazine.

“I Threw Out”


Your toothbrush, dental floss, soap, glasses, socks, stained T-shirts, 12 lipsticks, 3 rouges, 5 tubes of foundation, sunscreen, unopened deodorant. I kept the eye cream.   I threw out a... Read more »



She knows the neighbors call on her because she is childless—an anomaly, a two-headed turtle in this enclave, where every woman’s accessory is a baby carriage. It is always Chana’s... Read more »

Making America Smart Again


I LIVE PART-TIME IN RURAL MICHIGAN. While helping me pull weeds in the summer before the 2016 presidential election, a friend of mine, a non-college- educated white woman, told me... Read more »

Across the Barrier



Mythic Under the Radiation’s Red Eye


If I'm Andromeda bound on the cliff and Perseus is coming to stop the monster, I wish he'd get a move on.

The Era of Family Secrets Is Over


An interview with Libby Copeland suggests that this means the end of family secrets.

A Legacy of Lox


NYC’s First Lady of Fish grew up in the legendary “appetizing” store. Then, she and a cousin took it over.

Beauty Parlor Seder


                          A swirl of aromas fills my nose the minute I start climbing the rickety spiral staircase: oniony... Read more »

We All Stand Here Ironing


                    Tillie Olsen wrote her important stories and essays in a tradition of Jewish radicalism that insists on the struggle for... Read more »

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