Fall 2018

Latinx Jewish on the Ballot

Latinx, Jewish, running for office • Alleged victims of a pediatrician find each other • Is motherhood new again? • A second chance at an old relationship • How to... Read more »

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Lilith Feature

Writing Motherhood in an Age of Anxiety

Lilith Feature

“I Wasn’t the Only One.”

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From the Motherhood Canon


❥ Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution,Adrienne Rich, 1976 ❥ The Mermaid and the Minotaur: Sexual Arrangements andHuman Malaise, Dorothy Dinnerstein, 1975 ❥ The Mother Knot, Jane Lazarre,... Read more »

Sara Berman’s Closet


The pleasure of precision.

I Say, “I’m Jewish.”


A cartoonist draws her childhood, and the bigotry of bullies.

Poetry: Ten Metaphors for Light


TEN METAPHORS FOR LIGHT by AISHA DOWN i. God in you talking love to the God in another place in you ii. The God that beats in sky and sun... Read more »

Interfere Less, Observe More


Emmi Pikler, the Hungarian Jewish doctor who changed the way we understand children.

Love at Second Sight


A new chance at an old relationship.

First Grade, Second Language


I put my friend gently away into the space between my English and my Hebrew consciousness, the place where loss can't exist, because it cannot be spoken.

Over 23? Too Late to Testify


In New York and some other states, revoking a doctor’s license to practice medicine is a matter of administrative law, not criminal law. If it seems likely that said doctor... Read more »

When You Don’t Want to Be a Mother


Motherhood profoundly echoes what it’s really like to forego propriety, which women do when we challenge the idea that having children will offer us absolute satisfaction. 

Fiction: In Rhodesia


AS SOON AS HER FATHER DROVE THEIR rental car out of the Meikles Hotel garage, Laura felt that they were outside the protective shell of the hotel lobby, its white walls... Read more »

Arizona’s Jewish Latinx Candidate Shakes Things Up


On the road—from mobile home parks to upscale developments--with Tucson's activist candidate Alma Hernandez and her political family.

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