Yael Dayan at A Rally in Tel Aviv for LGBT Surrogacy

For most of the years of my life, I was myself among the groundbreakers and the defenders of your rights, and today I have come to ask of you all not to be egotists. To this giant crowd: Please join a part of my struggle that I believe is all of ours.

Today is the eve of Tisha b’Av: [mourning] the destruction of the First Temple, the destruction of the Second Temple. I am calling us now to prevent the destruction of the Third Temple. The Third Temple is not in the messianic future, it is not on the Temple Mount, it is not in the Western Wall with texts to God. The Third Temple is the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel. 

-Yael Dayan Addressed a July Rally in Tel Aviv, Held to Protest an Israeli Law Banning Pregnancy Surrogacy for Single Men