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So Many Faces To Slap: Jewish-Catholic Relations in St. Louis

It is generally taken as a given in our politically correct age that clergy of one religion are supposed to respect the norms of the other religion and not interfere in internal dogmatic affairs. This is the principle that allows for interfaith dialogue, the open expression of religious perspectives without the fear of judgment or… Read more »

The Cost of War, Accountability, and Soap

According to a recent article from the AP, Democrats place the final cost of these wars (in Iraq and Afghanistan) at $1.6 trillion—roughly twice what the White House has requested thus far. This is upsetting and of itself, but while mulling it over, I found a copy of a new book, The Victory Gardens of… Read more »

The State of Things: Kosher Fest and the Jewish Community

This past Sunday, I attended Kosher Fest, the yearly gathering of kosher food and beverage purveyors and other food professionals (held in New York City, naturally). Kosher Fest is no informal synagogue social – it’s a two-day mega event that features the newest, best, and flashiest in kosher food. Page 11 of the 84-page Kosher… Read more »

Rabbinic Rally For Agunot and Modern-Orthodoxy

A very interesting development in the fight for agunots’ rights occurred this past Sunday. A group of Orthodox rabbis rallied, along with lay people, outside the home of another Orthodox rabbi, to protest his alleged enabling of men who refuse to grant their wives a get [religious divorce]. Such a show of support on the… Read more »

Cherish the Ballot

I have an embarrassing confession: I didn’t vote this past Tuesday. There wasn’t anything major on my local ballot, but I realized I’m still registered at an old address, and it didn’t happen. No major harm done, but I’m a little mortified. To perhaps assuage this, and to motivate me to send in my new… Read more »

Home for the Holidays

I’m flying home to Chicago for Thanksgiving, and bringing…my boyfriend. On the face of things, it’s no big deal, right? People bring their partners home all the time – and he’s already met my parents several times to rave reviews.So why am I so nervous? For one, it’s intimidating to bring your partner into your… Read more »

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But…

I’m ready for some smaller government. Now, if you’ve ever met me (or read anything else I’ve written here), this might be a perplexing statement. How do you go from bleeding heart to…very not? Well, to start, you read Naomi Wolf’s new book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. And… Read more »

Feminist Awakenings

What struck me most upon reading Deborah Siegel’s engaging history of the modern feminist movement, Sisterhood: Interrupted, was the sense of absolute awakening that the feminist revolution of the 1960s and 70s gave to so many women. As a woman born into a world where the basic feminist tenet of equality between the sexes has… Read more »

Ode to Ann Coulter

Here’s something to lift Melanie’s spirits. Or perhaps anger her further. Though I “defended” Ann Coulter two posts ago from the big whoop about her statements regarding Jews on CNBC’s “The Big Idea,” I had to share this video which does a great job of critiquing Coulter in general, for all of her offensive, hateful… Read more »

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