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In the Desert

(I apologize to those of you who may be irritated by my constant references to New York. I am sad to report that, while the following is indeed local news,… Read more »

Start Baking

Amy Ephron at The Huffington Post has a theory: “In order to be First Lady you have to have a cookie recipe.” Ephron’s tone is (of course) tongue-in-cheek as she… Read more »

Maternal Myopia

My children are not perfect. I can say this because I have been a mother for almost seven years, and so have had ample time in which get used to… Read more »

The Last of the Chametz

In just a few hours, my colleague Efrat and I will set out for the London Book Fair, one of the major annual events in the global publishing industry. There… Read more »

Israel, Sans Rhetoric

I’m in the midst of the strange experience of having my hopes renewed by The Economist. (Despite our occasionally divergent political ideas—and the fact that I don’t know anything about… Read more »


I am a happily self-conscious urban chauvinist, and that’s a fact.  I just love cities.  As much as I love nature and the pastoral, I just feel very tapped into… Read more »

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