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Get Off the Sauce, People

It’s funny how a news cycle—and even an important policy debate—can kind of sneak up on you. When did offshore drilling become such a hot topic? How is it possible,… Read more »

Entry #2

‘I have a secret to tell you.’ The room is painted mustard. Her voice is a thread  above a whisper. They watch her like a dreamed President. She stands before… Read more »

Is the Grass Always Greener?

It’s a little ironic to write about rural life—Jewish or not Jewish—as this week, I’m writing from Washington, DC. I’m eating amazing brioche with apples at Patisserie Poupon and watching… Read more »

Going by the Numbers

We’re back to the numbers this week on the campaign trail… A new study is out about how the McCain and Obama proposed tax plans would affect two specific focus… Read more »

Not Pregnant

Hi Tammy, it’s me. I hope I’m not catching you at a bad moment. I have some big news. It means a lot to me to share it with you.… Read more »

Queering the Conversation

Brooklyn Pride was this past Saturday night. It was intermittently pouring, and both those of us watching and the soggy marchers got soaked and didn’t really care. I love the… Read more »


My name is Sarah Aronson and this is my first post on the Lilith blog. Thanks to Mel for inviting me! A quick bio: I am living the dream in… Read more »

Mr. Obama Goes to AIPAC

Shavuot was never a big-deal holiday in my family—it was pretty much the Festival of the Cheese Blintz. It’s only been in more recent years that I’ve learned about the… Read more »

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