100 Days, 100 Nights

I’ve admitted publicly to being bad at math, but don’t worry—I know we’re not yet at President Obama’s 100-days-on-the-job date yet. But since it falls this Wednesday, I’m hoping doing just a little list-making now isn’t jumping the gun too much. We’re slogging through the Omer, still, so I’m in a day-counting kind of mood.

And despite some of the more radically partisan reads of the situation, it’s hard to deny that president Obama has been a busy, busy man. There was the closing of Guantanamo and the repeal of the global gag rule, small things like SCHIP and reversing an embarrassing rule about documenting the return of military caskets, and slightly bigger issues, like defining our mission in Afghanistan and…what was that, again? Oh, right, passing a stimulus package that FDR would have loved.

And with all that going on, Obama still had time to travel the globe and meet with a foreign public that loves him (often addressing them in their native tongues). Oh yeah, and he also held a seder and adopted a dog.

Decisive action in times of trouble can be a great comfort, and watching decisive Presidential action at such times can be pretty great, too. Regardless of your opinions vis-à-vis any of the specific policies Obama has pursued thus far, you have to marvel at the man’s inability to sit still. I don’t know whether it’s incredible drive or incredible shpilkes, and to be totally honest, I don’t much care. Here’s hoping that the next 100 days are as full of energy and ideas as the first 100.

Of course, even as some things hit their remarkable stride, other remarkable things must come to an end. Sadly, the inimitable Bea Arthur died yesterday. I’m convinced she was the second wave’s answer to Woody Allen—never mind to Archie Bunker—and she will be sorely missed. It’s pretty amazing to hear and read so many eulogizing comments that all begin, “She was the first feminist I ever saw on television…”

–Mel Weiss