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The Anti-Feminist Diet?

As a sustainably-conscious foodie, I’ve recently come across a lot of press about “The Localvore Challenge”. The basic gist of the challenge is: wherever you live, attempt to only eat foods that are grown within 100 miles of your home. Food enthusiasts and novices across the country are taking part in this challenge—most notably amongst… Read more »

Responding to Rape in Darfur

To state it crudely, rape is the “trademark” of the current genocide in Darfur, the western region of Sudan. Genocide historians have remarked that although sexual violence has been a brutal component of past genocides, the scope and magnitude of rape in Darfur is unparalleled. Pamela Shifman, a U.N. expert on sexual exploitation, commented that… Read more »

Supreme Court to Home Health Workers: Screw You

In yet another example of how the U.S. Supreme Court devalues women, we have the settlement of Long Island Care at Home v. Coke, and it is grim. Essentially, the ruling states that home health care workers—a group that logs in at over 90% female—should be included in what are legally known as “companion services.”… Read more »

Jew to Jewess: I've Got My Eye on You

When I started writing about women and Jewish life for the Jewess blog, I was really excited about the opportunity to create discussion about women’s issues in a Jewish context and to celebrate women’s contributions to the Jewish community and the world at large. I did not expect that some of my most avid and… Read more »

Dinner and a Revolution

The first time I saw Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party was not at the Brooklyn Museum, where it is currently a featured exhibit, but on spring break at the New Orleans Museum of Art.  I was a freshman in college in the process of shedding the sheltered, suburban skin I’d developed throughout childhood and hungrily… Read more »

Training Our Instincts Toward More Distant Compassion

Ideally, we would have infinite hours in a day to tikkun olam, help repair the world. In reality, the amount of time we set aside for this mitzvah is limited. This begs the question: where should we direct our good intentions with the finite time and energy we have? Should we focus on our local… Read more »

Jews, Women, History, Politics

I read the newspaper a lot.  I read blogs, I have a news-journal habit I can’t afford, and I listen to my roommate playing NPR in the morning.  I am into politics.  I am a Jewish feminist who is into politics.  They’re vital.  Molly Ivins used to say that people can’t afford not to be… Read more »

Hip-Hop Track about the Shoah

As promised in the pages of our (upcoming) Summer 2007 issue, here’s a chance to view the music video put out by Israeli rapper Subliminal (Koby Shimoni) and U.S. hip-hop violinist phenom Miri Ben-Ari, via their new collaborative project, the Gedenk Movement. Watch the video here. The debate has died down some, but the question… Read more »

A New Home for the Lilith Blog!

Welcome to Lilith’s re-launched blog! We’re getting cozy in this new home and are so excited about our new line-up of bloggers! (You can read all about them in “About Us.”) Don’t worry–all of our old posts are below. As ever, there are always updates, news of goings-on, and information about the magazine on our… Read more »

Women's Lives Are in Danger

The Supreme Court has voted to uphold the Federal Abortion Ban, and it is a sad and scary day in America (we’re having a lot of those this week). You can actually read the decision in its entirety here. The most detrimental feature of the decision from a legal perspective is likely to be the… Read more »

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