Leslie Hollis Margulies

Leslie Hollis Margulies is Lilith’s advertising manager and a cabaret singer. Her first CD will be released in November.

I read the Diary of A Young GirlAnne Frank when I was ‘ turning 12. It was not a happy year for me. We had just moved out of the suburban house I loved to a small apartment. I missed my friends and my school. My parents were having serious problems, and I was hearing things I didn’t want to hear. All the good things I had assumed would be part of my life seemed to be disappearing. I felt scared and lonely and full of feelings I couldn’t name.

When I read Anne Frank I was amazed, because she seemed just like me. She was forced to move into a small space with her family. She had to leave her school and her friends. Everyone around her was getting on her nerves. I loved everything about her. I loved that she could describe her mixed up feelings so well. When I finished reading Anne’s diary I told my older sister that I loved it, but she said that a kid couldn’t have written a book like that. I knew it was all true, but I didn’t say anything.