Voyeurism and the Yeshiva Girl

All girls at Orthodox schools whose knees, chests and elbows are glared at by staff to determine whether their clothes are too “immodest” are victims of voyeurism.

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New Morning Prayer for Women

Blessed are You, Shekhinah,
Ruler of the Universe,
Who did not make me a man.

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Excuse Me: Things People Said to Me in McGillacody, VT

(In an otherwise empty café) “You don’t mind if we sit here, do you?”


After Months Online, the Fun of Face-to-Face

The FEDDD UPPPPP Facebook group meets in person.


The Silence of the Boyfriends

I had a boyfriend once who wasn’t there.

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Voyeurism and the Yeshiva Girl by @ElanaHope 15 hours ago

Yiddish Classics into English

Here’s a switch! Instead of translating Shakespeare, etc., into Yiddish, Taytsh, the Yiddish Book Center’s site for Yiddish-to-English translators, wants to help translate the treasures of Yiddish literature into English for a new generation of readers. Learn more at

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A recorded conversation with Joy Ladin at Washington's DCJCC. She's wonderfully instructive, sometimes in deeply poignant ways; listen carefully here when she describes, among other things, the plight of transgender teens and their very basic need for shelter. 

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