No Blessings, No Curses—Jill Soloway’s “Transparent”

If you missed Jill Soloway’s series dramedy,“Transparent. that’s because it was never on TV. And it wouldn’t be.

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Excuse Me: Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Food

I just moved from a studio into a large apartment in Brooklyn with two roommates and a kitchen that has a lot of cabinets and cubbies, not to mention a fridge packed with their tantalizing food.


Kaddish for My Uterus

Exalted and hallowed be Surgery’s great name in the world where none of my gynecologist’s earlier ideas put an end to the mischief of those four fibroids…


‘She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry’ – The women’s movement gets a kick-ass documentary

“She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry” is the women’s movement film we’ve been waiting for. We just didn’t know it.


Finally: Relief from GivingTuesday Emails

Instead, we offer you Lilith’s guide to Giving Tuesday: a selection of articles to help you think about how to give, what to give, and to whom you should give.

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RT @tabletmag: “How can you call yourself a feminist and still support Israel, an apartheid state?” #Feminism's Israel problem:


Yiddish Classics into English

Here’s a switch! Instead of translating Shakespeare, etc., into Yiddish, Taytsh, the Yiddish Book Center’s site for Yiddish-to-English translators, wants to help translate the treasures of Yiddish literature into English for a new generation of readers. Learn more at

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A recorded conversation with Joy Ladin at Washington's DCJCC. She's wonderfully instructive, sometimes in deeply poignant ways; listen carefully here when she describes, among other things, the plight of transgender teens and their very basic need for shelter. 

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