Summer 2000

The stealth politics of talk-jock “Dr. Laura” Schlessinger.  Books, websites and organizations especially for Jewish teen girls. Women’s powerful friendships through love and grief, and even through college.

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Friendships Without Borders

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New Books Tell Us What Girls Are Really Made Of


New books for, by and about girls.

“I Thought I Knew You”


In the company of women of many colors, Jewish women bravely stand and recount their own oppression.

Here’s Something in Between…


Last year I attended a class at a yeshiva in a very observant section of Jerusalem. As a married woman, I wore a hat out of respect for the community’s observance.... Read more »

How I Became a Kippah Crusader


Problems (including an arrogant Israeli policeman) for a devout American woman who wants to cover her head while she prays plus an innovative solution to the headcovering dilemma by Jamie Hackel Hyams.

The Jewish Girl’s Guide


An uncommon roundup of teen girls’ youth organizations, local programs, websites and mags.

The Troubling Passion of Simone Weil


Why is this woman, who turned away from her people in 1940s Europe, inspiring our interest now? Simone de Beauvoir has some ideas….

Friendship as Play


Just before college graduation, we decided to bury the history of our shared senior year. The two of us and our other five housemates borrowed a neighbor’s shovel and held our... Read more »

A Friendship of Unabashed Exposure


In July 1974. after a long afternoon with my friend Barbara Myerhoff, the anthropologist best known for the renowned Number Our Days, I left for a summer in England. Barbara, realizing she was... Read more »

Ending the Day Alive


Friendship as survival

Friendship Like Teabags in a Single Pot


I.B. Singer, in some book of his, says, unforgettably, “No one gets through life unscathed,” and as we get older, the truth of this sentiment becomes more and more excruciatingly... Read more »

The Stealth Politics of Laura Schlessinger


You may think "Dr. Laura" is just talk-radio static, but with her on-air anti-feminist, gay-bashing and anti-abortion advice, she is promoting the agenda of the Christian Right.

Readers Respond


Something old, something new?  Readers respond to wedding innovations with enthusiasm, creativity and outrage.

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