Summer 1997

Bridal shower, totally different.  Shabbat without shopping carts. Emily Bazelon on the Moosewood Cookbook. You are what you wear, so check those labels! Ecology on Mount Sinai.

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Lilith Feature

Women Find Those Extra Commandments God’s Been Keeping in Her Back Pocket

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Making Whoopee


A writer falls in love with her mother.

Lilith Speaks


I have got your letters, husband,Every one. You say Come back.The garden hums. Lie beneath meAnd the sun will turn us both to gold. You send me blossoms, fruit.And the... Read more »

Under the Spell of Silken Tofu


What we learned from the Moosewood, and how Mollie Katzen’s cooking enchanted a whole generation. This Fall she’ll bring us a new vegetarian cookbook.



my friend said, grinning, embarrassed,bringing the word up from childhood,when I said, “No one at our meetings is Jewish.”Shicker: a drunk, the drunk, is a good translation,but the sh of... Read more »

Too Busy to Read this Article? Save it for Shabbat


Many of us complain about being harried and exhausted but is the truth really that we are terrified of “stopping the world and getting off? Are we afraid of Shabbat?... Read more »

Shabbat Without Shopping Carts


How Supermom reinvents the day of rest; plus—-clues for how to slow down, from Susan Schnur.

The 11th Commandment Brought down from Sinai


Amidst the garbage, litter and tourist detritus on the holy mountain, one hiker uncovers an Eleventh Commandment: Respect the Earth. And Malka Drucker offers us one more.

You Are What You Wear


Check your labels! Almost a century after the notorious Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire brought to light the dismal reality of sweatshops, we’re still wearing clothing made under inhumane conditions—only we often don’t realize why.

Move Over Martha Stewart


How to throw a different kind of Jewish wedding shower. Clip and save this for the next time you’re a bridesmaid!

Kisses and Ashes


Returning to Auschwitz, a Holocaust survivor finds her way back to a confluence of love and desire.



Single Sex Schools I was disappointed with the last line of the article: “Sex Segregated Schools—How Good Are They for Girls?” [Spring 1997] “The first step will be understanding that baking challah has no... Read more »

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