Spring 2008

Young Israeli artists take New York. What kind of dress for an Orthodox bride? Too Jewish? Sisters reclaim the family name.  A tween yeshiva girl drug addict.

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A Tween Addict in Recovery


The Unlikely Addict: A Tween Yeshiva Girl

Blanche Runningbear


To stave off headaches, my mother, néeBronislava Ilivna Tonkonogia, for decades worea headband like a squaw’s, minus the feather. With the set of her jaw, the scar on her forehead,the... Read more »

The Anti-Zen of Grandma


Marinating requires a plan. One must have on hand the ingredients, a vessel large enough, and the time to engage in the process. If the pan or bowl isn’t large... Read more »

What Worries Israeli Women Now?


They speak frankly about making ends meet, keeping peace at home (in every sense of those words), and the powerful pull of their closest relationships. What keeps these women sane?

Seven-Day Spa


Spending one week a month in isolation with other women in a menstrual hut isn’t easily done in modernday Israel, so Ethiopian immigrants — and their university-educated daughters — are figuring out how to transpose these women’s rituals into the 21st century.

Young Israelis Make Waves In NYC


Four artists and a jazz singer come to lunch and dish about politics, gender, and where cultures clash. Then they reveal how Israel grew them into artists. You eavesdrop, via Naomi Danis’s translation of their Hebrew conversation.

How Does A Modern Orthodox Feminist Get Married?


In her own words, a young woman on the brink of the big day reflects on how struggling over just a quarter-inch of the neckline of her wedding dress makes her who she is.

Jewish Magic Protected My Sister


Surprisingly, amulets and holy books can actually ward off bad outcomes, but not the ones you’d anticipate.

Too Jewish? Changing The Family Name


Schoenburg-becomes-Belmont was only the beginning. What got lost when families hid their Jewish-sounding monikers? On a mission of reclamation, Erdreich and her sister change theirs back.

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