Choosing the Moment to Change

People ultimately get married because they want to grow. They want to change. They want to become better. They want to be more than what they are. And the wedding ceremony is that most celebrated time for people to begin this change. But getting married is not the only way.

Throughout our lives we have the desire to make changes. But we think we need to wait for a special event: the new year, a significant birthday, or even a tragedy. We never think that today, right now, could be the beginning of living the life we’ve dreamed.

Look at your watch.
Decide this is the moment.
This is the moment you will begin to change.
The Talmud teaches, “Act while you can.” The Talmud understands that now is the most perfect time. Not tomorrow or the next day.
This very moment.

from We Plan, God Laughs by Sherre Hirsch (Doubleday, $18.95)