Spring 2003

Sex in an Orthodox marriage. Ceremonies for separating when a relationship comes apart. How summer camp transforms girls.  Frontier bris. A new traveling exhibition spotlights Lilith’s first 25 years.

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Lilith Feature

Celebrating Lilith Magazine

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Ode to the Passover Egg


A brand new reading for Passover, to help us remember what’s inside us: generations within generations.

Readers Respond


Jewish Girls and African-American Nannies I cannot tell you how the article on Jewish girls and African-American Nannies [Winter 2002-2003] affected me. All my feelings about “my Lucy” were expressed.... Read more »



First it was hit then thrown forward. Up and quickly down under the car in front before it rolled under mine. I could feel the body hit the chassis. I... Read more »

Rhythms of the Blood


"These things that I tell you are secret," says a young woman who has learned, slowly, to appreciate being the engine of her sex life.

Catching on About


Power and Politics

Reclaiming Our Reputation


Too Smart, Too Strong, Too Sexy, Too Loud

Rethinking Our Relationships


Empathy, Sexuality, Community

Uncovering the Darker Stories


Taking Risks to Report the Truth

Our Bodies/Ourselves


Pride, Pain, Prejudice

Amplifying Unheard Voices


When Others Turn a Deaf Ear

Emerging on the Other Side of a Marriage


Karen Propp discusses two books on divorcing well.

The New, Improved Jewish Divorce


A rabbi writes her own get, brings along a minyan of women, and creates a feminist ritual for a male-dominated moment.



A Rosh Hodesh group chooses the theme and symbols of Havdalah, the ceremonial farewell to the Sabbath, to ferry a friend out of her marriage.

Frontier Bris


A twentysomething doc with a gleam in her eye takes herself into the O.R. Here's what she thought when science met culture on the circumcision table.

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