Catching on About

Power and Politics

Lilith’s editors have often been viewed as troublemakers. Why did we need to be so nasty about the sexism in Jewish organizations? Aren’t there more serious problems? And why so critical of Jewish women’s organizations, especially in the 1970s when hardly any were willing to take a stand on reproductive rights, or the ERA? Jewish women have become bolder in the decades that Lilith has been making trouble. Now Jewish women’s organizations lead the charge tor equal rights, work to end abuse, fund women’s health initiatives, clamor for what feels, just, fair, belated. And women have created new Jewish entities focusing on feminist scholarship, social action, Israel.

But still…Women’s work is grotesquely underfunded (as we who create Lilith magazine know all too well). There’s ambivalence, even among women, about die financial clout many can now wield. .And women are still alarmingly underrepresented in the corridors of power. Watch this space (or, rather, watch die pages of Lilith) to see whose portraits will be lining those corridors soon!