Spring 1993

An Ethiopian Jewish woman’s rigorous journey to Israel. How summer camp shapes both Jewish and feminist identity. A Jew and a gentile are reunited at a class reunion.

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A flickering in the kitchen. Of course. What else did I expect? Closed my eyes; must have slept. Then—something. (Nothing.) Something Like a ghostly telephone rrringing in my head as the heavy, black night table phone had rung out, three years ago, three-thirty a.m., three paralyzing rings. (If only I hadn’t picked up, whispered hello,... Read more »



Havdalah, the ritual moment when one says farewell to Sabbath and faces the week ahead, provides the theme and the symbols for helping a woman friend get through her divorce.

Identity Politics at Summer Camp


For campers, some questions to ask; for counselors, some terrific feminist programs and resources; for parents, a checklist of what you really need to bring on visiting day.

How Our Mothers Nursed Us: The Children of Holocaust Survivors Revisit Their Infancy


Adult children of Holocaust survivors talk about their yearning for intimacy in an unusual therapy group.

Gentiles & Jews at the Hop


A reunion retrospective

Out of Africa


Kessaye Tevajieh is a thirty-year-old Ethiopian woman who in 1984 walked from her home in Addis Ababa to the Sudan, with her husband, Addis, to begin their journey to Israel (they were eventually airlifted in “Operation Moses”). Tall and slender, with fine features, she holds herself like cm aristocrat, proud of the fact that she... Read more »



Surviving Incest I want to thank LILITH for the articles on incest in Holocaust families [Winter ’93]. I was interested in the writer’s feeling that her father’s abuse may have been a result of his victimization by the Nazis. Wouldn’t it be helpful to try and find out if he had been sexually abused before the Holocaust, perhaps... Read more »

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