Fall 1991

Jewish dad, Chinese mom; these girls meet at a casting call. Women’s folk Judaism via bubbe meisehs. Now adults, children hidden during the Holocaust gather and speak out. Hassidic husband walks out.

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Mama on Tape: Was Mama a Virgin??? Or Blood on the Nightgown!!!!


Mama tells her own immigrant story, accent and all.

Cornstalks, Conch Shells & My Jewish Problem


And ecofeminist’s dilemma.

Long Walks and Intimate Talks


New stories

Notes from Underground: A Gathering of Children Hidden During the Holocaust


Belatedly, a generation of Holocaust survivors (mostly women) comes into its own. One by one, these women break out of their solitude, and feel entitled to call themselves "survivors."

Lubavitch Husband (former Hippie) Walks


Sometimes it takes decades for a woman to wake up in her marriage.

“What the Ark is to the Jewish Male, My Dish Cupboard is to Me.”


A painter documents her domestic life—-what’s sacred, sad, simple.

What, then, is Spirituality?


Finally a real definition of that elusive word.

Pregnant? Don’t Eat Radishes.


Some farfetched medieval childbirth practices—all scientifically proven.

The Power of Woman’s Folk Judaism


Does Judaism seem to be of, for and by men? It wasn’t always so. How to retrieve women’s voices through bubbeh meisehs, archeology, folklore and runic texts. Plus...beyond candlesticks: a roundup of unusual ritual objects we bet you never knew about.

Casting Miss Saigon’s Baby


Four-year-old Mikki Lee finds out she’s not the only one with a Jewish daddy and a Chinese mom.

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