Resources for Jewish Women


Saying Kaddish written by Debbie Goodstein and Nessa Rapoport, portrays a Jewish family and community affirming life in the face of death. The 58-minute color videotape is $29.95 plus S/H, and NYC sales tax where applicable, from Dep’t. of Radio and Television/ Jewish Theological Seminary/3080 Broadway/NY, NY 10027.


For a twentieth century anthology on Lilith, the first woman,. to be published by the Jewish Women’s Resource Center, National Council of Jewish Women, NY Section, to be edited by Enid Dame, Naomi Goodman, Lilly Rivlin and Henny Wenkart, please send poetry and short prose, published or unpublished, by women. Submit by December 15, enclosing SASE to Henny Wenkart/ JWRC/9 E. 69th St./NY, NY 10021.

For a conference on Reassessing the Grounds for our Struggle: Connecting Women’s Lives in Theory, Practice and Performance to be held April 24-25, 1992, submit proposals for papers, panels, workshops, literary readings, performance artists, presentation of community projects. Contact: Karen Gould, Director, or Lynn Walkiewicz, Conference Coordinator/ Women ‘s Studies Program /Bowling Green State University /248 Shatzel Hall/Bowling Green, OH 43403.

For an anthology Childless by Choice: a Multi-Cultural Anthology, submit fiction, essays, narrative, poems, letters, cartoons, graphics, or photos. Contributions should be typed and not exceed twenty pages and include SASE by December 1, 1991. HerBooks/FOB 7467/Santa Cruz, CA 95061.

Divorced or separated fathers who have custody of their children: join a research project assessing the meaning of the father’s role as the primary parent. Anonymity and confidentiality assured. Dorcas D. Bowles, and Howard V. Epstein/ Dep’t. of Social Work/ Georgia State University/POB 4018/ Atlanta,GA 30302-4018.

Were you Greek? Memoirs, letters, clippings, documents and photographs as well as subjects for interviews illuminating National Jewish Greek-Letter Fraternities and Sororities from 1895 to the Present are sought for a dissertation/book by Marianne Sanual c/o Department of History/ Fayerweather Hall/ Colombia University/NY. NY 10027.

People who know about the persecution and murder of civilians in the Joniskis district of Lithuania in the summer of 1941 are needed as witnesses for the U.S. Dep’t of Justice Office of Special Investigations. Contact: Elliot Welles/Director, ADL Nazi War Criminals Task Force/823 UN Plaza/NY, NY 10017 or Kenneth L. Misrok/Trial Attorney/Office of Special Investigations/ Criminal Division/U.S. Dep’t of Justice/10th and Pennsylvania Ave.,NW/ Washington, DC 20530/Attn: Universal South, Room 1025.


“Let My People Go,” a dance/theater piece exploring common concerns of the Black & Jewish communities; “Stepping into Prayer,” an interfaith dance workshop; and “Women in the Bible,” a full length concert , arc programs of the Avodah Dance Ensemble, which is currently scheduling their coming season and are available for concerts, Sabbath and holiday celebrations, dance midrash worshops, and teacher training in dance and religious education. JoAnne Tucker/243 5th St. #9/Jersey City, NJ 07302/(201)659-7072.


The Israel Women’s Network is a coalition whose members represent a wide range of political opinion and religious outlook, but nevertheless work together to carry out programs and advocacy for the improvement of women’s status in Israel. You can receive NETWORKING FOR WOMEN their quarterly publication, by sending $25.00 to IWN/POB 3171/91031 Jerusalem, Israel. You can also support their work through tax-exempt, earmarked IWN, send to to The New Israel Fund/! 11 W. 40th St./NY NY 10018.

Rabbi Mordechai Scharf, a former pulpit rabbi from Brooklyn, together with his wife Shoshana, and son Reuven, run a Jewish matchmaking service that specializes in finding mates for mentally or physically disabled individuals. They are looking to expand services worldwide, and follow up successful clients with support groups to help make the marriages work. They hope in the future to open a facility where disabled couples could live. Contact: Maayan L’Ncheh/8 Eliash St., #20/ Jerusalem, Israel.

A 24-page coloring book designed to help children learn religious tolerance and to correct misconceptions about Jews and Judaism was prepared for use by clergy and professional educators in both Jewish and non-Jewish religious school classrooms. $5.00 plus $1.50 shipping from UAHC/ Dep’t. of Religious Education/838 Fifth Ave./NY, NY 10021.

Coming from the Jewish Education Service of North America are Jewish holiday kits in Russian that include several audio and video tapes, comprehensive information booklets, song books, posters, children’s books, and stories and activities for children and families. Originally developed for the Joint Distribution Committee for use in Eastern Europe and the USSR, by the Melitz Centers for Jewish- Zionist Education in Israel, the kits are now available for $280.00 each. Local bureaus of Jewish education, Jewish community centers and schools are free to duplicate and distribute the materials. Contact: David Shriner-Cahn/JESNA/730 Broadway/NY, NY 10003.

V.O.I.C.E.S. [Victims of incest Can Emerge Survivors ] in Action is a resource and referral service for survivors of incest. They premote national and regional conferences for survivors and for pro-survivors, those who love and care for survivors. Survivors also share common experiences , communicate and support one another through the mail. There is an especially strong Jewish women’s special interest group. V.O.I.C.E.S./ FOB 148309/Chicago,II, 60614/ (312) 327-1500 M-F 9-5.


Cancer with a Smile is a collection of cartoons by the late Doris Zucker, chronicling her illness with bittersweet humor and an underlying reverence for life. A private printing distributed by the family has run out, and they are seeking funding to make the book available again. Contact Scott I.

Zucker/1098 Citadel Drive/ Atlanta, GA 30324

A Chinese scholar who worked at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, is eager to spur interest in Judaism in China and is seeking funds to subsidize the publication of a Chinese version of the Encyclopedia Judaica. For a $100 contribution you will receive a copy with your name inscribed in both English and Chinese. Professor Xu Xin/ English Dep’t/Nanjing University/ Nanjing/People’s Republic of China.

The Klezmer America Foundation wants to create more practitioners of klezmer music, traditional Jewish Eastern European instrumental folk music, by promoting klezmer to the general population of the United States. Grants are available for community residencies, research, new works, recording and production assistance as well as a newsletter. Donations are welcome. KAF/3341 Hyde Park/Cleveland, OH 44118.


The International Jewish-Feminist Directory lists names, addresses, phone numbers, occupations, interests and organizational affiliations of hundreds of Jewish women worldwide. $5.00 from The Commission for Women’s Equality/ American Jewish Congress/15 E. 84th St./NY, NY 10028. Contact them also to have yourself added to subsequent editions.

Just released was the fifth edition of 100 Havens for Creatives -a directory for people who are looking for a break away from home and business to work on their projects in an alternative vacation setting in the USA or abroad. Send $5 to ACTS Institute, Inc./POB 10153/Kansas City, MO 64111.

The 1992 March of the Living will take place April 26-May 10. More than 1200 Jewish high school students from the US are expected to join 5,000 of their peers from throughout the world for an intense journey through Jewish history in Poland and Israel. Applications, information and videotapes are available from March of the Living/4200 Biscayne Blvd./Miami FL 33137.

Eat kosher across the continent with the help of a pocket-sized book, the Guide to Kosher Eating and Accommodation in North America, and help support the National Havurah Committee at the same time. Mail checks for $8.00/ copy, payable to the NHC, to NightinGale Resources/Box 322/ Cold Spring, NY 10516.

A telephone hotline at the University Student Department of the American Zionist Youth Foundation provides information about Academic and year round and summer programs and pro- Israel events you can implement on your campus. 1-800-27-ISRAEL.


How to break the cycle of domestic violence? Who are typical victims and batterers? Why do women stay in violent homes? Facts about Domestic Violence, is a brochure which is part of a campaign to heighten awareness of domestic violence and help the women and children who are its victims. Send $ 1.00 and a SASE to: B ‘nai B ‘rith Women Central Services/1828 L St., NW #250/Washington, DC 20036.

A training program for counselors works to breakdown barriers that prevent college students who were sexually abused as children from receiving helpful counseling. A videotape and manual familiarize counselors with the subject and alerts them to the signs of possible childhood sexual abuse. Information: Cindy L. Kurland/Office of University Information/ Newark, Dep’t.l9716/(302) 451-2791.

G.E.T. [Getting Equitable Treatment] was founded in 1979 in response to a growing need to assist individuals seeking a Jewish divorce from a recalcitrant spouse. In addition to the free and confidential service they sponsor educational programs and work to encourage community wide co-operation in these matters. GET/Box 131/1012 Ave. [/Brooklyn, NY 11230/(718) 871-3407.

Learn how you can organize an events such as information tables, vigils, rallies, healing services and long-term campaigns to stop violence against women. Originally geared for use on college campuses, the Organizer’s Packet, $5, has been adapted by many community groups. From Fellowship of Reconciliation/ Box 271/Nyack, NY 1096O.


Choosing Child Care, a booklet for parents, covers a variety of aspects of child care- from financing, to arranging a back-up arrangement if a child is sick. Lists of questions help break down complex decisions into several manageable parts. For a free copy write to Aetna Life & Casualty/151 Farmington Ave./ RWAC/Hartford, CT 06156.

Case study scenarios, traditional Jewish texts, and present day Orthodox, Conservative and Reform interpretations illuminate the judgments young Jewish adults make about alcohol and drug abuse, premarital sex, intermarriage, and relationships with parents, in Drugs, Sex, and Integrity, a 71-page manual. $ 10.00 from UAHC Press/838 5th Ave./NY, NY 10021.

AIDS : A Jewish Response is a videotape/pamphlet combination that presents facts about AIDS and the Jewish community’s response— what it has been until now, and what it ought to be. Developed by the Conservative Movement for rabbis and spiritual leaders it is available from The Association of Conservative Conregations/15” Fifth Ave./NY NY 10010-680 (212) 533-7800.

What you should know about women and depression includes the the risk factors for depression , signs and symptoms , treatment and therapy issues, and the impact of gender roles, ethnic and socio-economic factors. Based on a three year study on women and depression,, this 4-page pamphlet is free with SASE ft American Psycho-logical Assn./Public Affairs/l200 17th St., NW/ Washington, DC 20036.


“Practical Health Information Every Woman Should Know” is an English and Yiddish guide to breast self-examination, which was produced as a result of a breast cancer education project in the Hasidic communities in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Area Office of the American Cancer Society/185 Montague St./ Brooklyn, NY 11201/ 1-800-ACS-2345.

Sing in Yiddish in New York with the Jewish People’s Philharmonic directed by Peter Schlosser. This group meets weekly at the McBurney Y at 215 West 23 St./(212)619-4099 and performs four times a year. Another Yiddish song group, this one from the Workman’s Circle, sings for fun and meets on Sundays at the Educational Alliance West/21 E.13 St./ Stephen Dowling/(212) 889- 6800×284

Di Dray Bern, otherwise known as The Three Bears in Yiddish, is now available as a bilingual book with transliteration. This 64-page illustrated book can also be accompanied by an audio cassette featuring the original music of Paul Frank and the voice of Maurice Levinsohn as the “Zeyde.” Call or write to Jewish Educational Workshop/ 2209 Greenery Lane/Silver Spring, MD 20906/(301) 933-3520.