In a Jewish women’s community behind bars, a conversation about prison life. Jewish women’s volunteer organizations: vanguard or rear guard? A feminist critique of TV’s “Holocaust.”

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Volunteerism: The Great Debate

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"You don’t look Jewish," she was told. Her grandmother had taught her that this was no compliment. 

TV’s “Holocaust”


The much-publicized "docu-drama" projected the subliminal message that only assimilated Jewish men, like its hero Rudi, can fight—-and survive. It is no accident that none of the Jewish women in the TV mini-series was allowed to be heroic-—or to live. A feminist critique.

Our Fourmothers


Sarah, Rebekah, Leah and Rachel through the eyes of a poet.

Gail Rubin


A photo memorial of Gail Rubin, 39 years old when terrorist bullets ended her life. With her acute appreciation of the world, she found elegance in everything she photographed.

The Sheltered Workshop


The volunteer organizations are a ghetto where Jewish women are warehoused to safeguard the male monopoly on money, power and status.

The Experience of Two Volunteers


A community activist with 27 years in Hadassah believes the organization’s leadership excludes its members from decision-making the way men traditionally excluded most women.

The Experience of Two Volunteers


A 31-year veteran of the National Council of Jewish women argues that the organization’s members are strong on social justice but "weak" in commitment to their own sex.

The Volunteer Organizations


In their early years, the major Jewish women’s organizations were not only revolutionary but responsive to Jewish women’s needs. How did the current "good works" come to mean ignoring women’s needs?

A Jewish Women’s Community-Behind Bars


The rabbi who took us there said that the Jewish men prisoners across the road had been incredulous. “What are nice Jewish girls doing in a place like that?” The... Read more »



Dear Editors: Since some of the propaganda for larger Jewish families is based on my analysis of the data I would like to make the following comments: A 1957 sample... Read more »

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