Author: Rebecca Katz

Wedding Brain

Comic-creator Rebecca Katz has got wedding on the brain. Will she let her bridal obsessions take over her sense of self and independence? 

A Weighty Conversation

A new comic by Rebecca Katz discusses body image, weight loss, and the way they can be influenced by conversations between women.

A Rebellious Woman

I didn’t know that much about Ms. Steinem, beyond that I owed quite a debt to her for my rights. 

Gentrifying Home

On being white, twenty-something and Jewish while living three blocks away from where you grew up in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn. 

Real Life? Not.

In the lead up to the inauguration, this millennial imagines a conversation with her Bubbe about Trump and our political climate. 

The List

When you loved your Jewish college experience, but Algemeiner says it was terrible.