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Dinner and a Revolution

The first time I saw Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party was not at the Brooklyn Museum, where it is currently a featured exhibit, but on spring break at the New… Read more »

Hip-Hop Track about the Shoah

As promised in the pages of our (upcoming) Summer 2007 issue, here’s a chance to view the music video put out by Israeli rapper Subliminal (Koby Shimoni) and U.S. hip-hop… Read more »

Rabbis, Rabbis Everywhere!

Rabbis have been in the news a lot lately–and we’re happy to share with you the thoughts of two preeminent Jewish feminist thinkers on recent issues regarding the rabbinate. Ordaining… Read more »

No Laughing Matter?

We all know the joke about how many feminists it takes to screw in a lightbulb. (“Just one–and it’s not funny.“) You would think this stereotype might be combated by… Read more »