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Kitchen Tshuvah

Rosh Hashanah always sneaks up on me.  Every year I tell myself that I’m going to engage in serious self-preparation for the holiday – take time granted me (the month… Read more »

Remembering Grace Paley

Grace Paley, author, activist, extraordinary teacher, died of breast cancer August 22 at the age of 84.  She was a remarkable woman, and we interrupt your regularly-scheduled post to bring… Read more »

Tell Me Your Food Story

I’ve been into polls lately. I don’t mean the political polls concerning the upcoming election (though I’ve been keeping an eye on those as well). I mean informal polls where… Read more »

Genocide Olympics?

Mia Farrow is an active part of the “Dream for Darfur” campaign. Officially, the Olympic Games are a series of sport competitions, but unofficially they are a global arena for… Read more »

On Jewish Men and Jewish Women

I’ve spent the past few days defending Jewish women against all sorts of stereotypes and criticisms, and, frankly, I’m exhausted. I personally know so many amazing Jewish women, and I… Read more »